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Periodontic Course

AADEINDIA offers basic to advanced Periodontics courses (flap surgeries & implants) by Renowned Periodontists.

Course Features & Benefits

Course emphasized on understanding of Surgical and non surgical techniques of crown lengthening, gum depigmentation, bone grafting, surgical and non surgical perio therapy which we use in our day to day practice. AADE India provides excellent platform for dental practitioners to understand and learn from basic to advanced periodontal techniques.

Hands on Practice with Lasers & Latest Techniques

LASERS are being used very actively in dentistry because of their varied applications in procedures such as depigmentation, crown lengthening, and flap surgeries and in giving incisions during surgeries. Also the use of PRF , PRP and bone grafts has gained popularity in the field of dentistry.

Supervised Clinical/Surgical Practice on patients

AADE India team ensures that every student gets ample hands on practice under the guidance of an experienced Periodontist, making sure that our students strengthen their knowledge from basics to advanced periodontics.

When is bone grafting required

Bone grafting is the replacement or augmentation of bone around the teeth. Bone loss occurs in patients who have lost teeth or suffered from advanced periodontal disease. Types of bone grafts used are as follows:

  • Autogenous
  • Allograft
  • Xenograft

Lasers in Periodontology

The word laser is an acronym for “Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation”. In periodontology the lasers used are carbon dioxide laser, diode laser and Nd: YAG laser which have excellent ablation and haemostatic characteristics. Lasers have various periodontal application including calculus removal, incision and ablation, decontamination of root and implant surface, osseous surgery, removal of pocket epithelium.

Surgical Vs Non-surgical Perio-therapy

Chronic periodontal therapy can be broadly classified into surgical periotherapy and non surgical periotherapy.
Surgical periotherapy includes Resective or Regenerative therapy where the goal is to reshape the marginal bone to resemble that of the alveolar process. Whereas non surgical periotherapy include plaque control, use of chemotherapeutic agent, supra and subgingival scaling and root planning.
It has been evaluated that when adequate access for root debridement is achieved, non surgical treatment seems to be as effective as surgical treatment in the long-term maintenance of clinical attachment levels.

Crown Lengthening - Surgical Vs Laser

Crown lengthening is a procedure used to increase the extent of supragingival tooth structure for restorative or aesthetic purpose. It can be performed using the:

  • Scalpel (surgical)
  • Electrosurgery
  • Laser

The advantage of laser over surgical procedures includes:

  • Blood less surgical field
  • Minimal swelling and scarring
  • Minimal or no suturing
  • Less post operative pain

Gingival depigmentation with Laser

Gingival depigmentation with laser vaporizes and removes the thin top layer of gum tissue, resulting in short recovery time with manageable discomfort. Following laser depigmentation gingiva heals by secondary intention resulting in lighter and more uniform color of the gums. Some of the advantages of using laser for depigmentation are: Easy gingival reshaping, reduce need for LA, Excellent hemostasis, minimal thermal injury of the deeper tissues and negligible post operative pain and inflammation. The commonly used laser include semi-conductor diode, Er:YAG, Nd:YAG laser and carbon dioxide laser.

Course Outline

Introduction of lasers in periodontology

Lasers in crown lengthening and gingival depigmentation

Live demonstration of crown lengthening using laser

Hands on practice of crown lengthening using laser

Live demonstration of gingival depigmentation using laser

Hands on practice of gingival depigmentation using laser

Flap surgeries

Live demonstration of flap surgeries on patients

Hands on practice of flap surgeries on patients

Surgical vs non surgical periotherapy

PRF,PRP and bone grafts

Live demonstration of PRF,PRP and bone grafts

Hands on practice of PRF,PRP and bone grafts on patients

All materials will be provided by the academy except Airotor and extracted teeth


AADE India was established in response to the need for quality education in dentistry in heart of capital of India. Athough the AADE is fairly young, our achievements and passion towards providing best dental training to our graduate dental surgeons, even surpass, other dental schools that have been around. Our mission at AADE is to partner with students in achieving academic excellence, providing the best oral health care and excel at their dental practice.


For further queries you can call/whtsapp directly to our course coordinator Dr. Priyanka Chowdhary MDS (Endo) on +91-8171836836.