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endodontics training courses designed for bds and mds dentists/doctors

Endodontics Courses in Delhi, India

AADEINDIA provides best skill enhancement advanced programme which covers most of the procedures used in latest dental practise as per the demand in dentistry "combined Endodontic and Aesthetic course" in Delhi/NCR-India under the guidance of expert Renowned MDS Faculty.

Features of Endodontics Course

Features and Advantages of Advance Aesthetic & Endodontics Course

Advance Aesthetic & Endodontics Course is a complete amalgamation ranging from fundamental anatomical to the most advanced root canal treatment procedures, with aesthetic inclination. AADEINDIA gives practice oriented teaching with advance technology under the direct guidance of experts. Most of the materials and equipments required during the courses, will be taken care by the academy.

endodontics hands on practice course

Hands on Exercise with advance latest equipments

AADEINDIA provides ample Hands on practice on extracted teeth under direct supervision of MDS Doctors. Students develop clinical skills to expertise on Patients using latest equipments (Rotary Endomotor, apex locator, flexible files, Reciprocating systems).

endodontics clinical practce training course

Guided clinical Practice on Patients

AADEINDIA ensures complete clinical practice on patients, under the guidance of well trained and experienced Endodontist, instilling confidence in the students, which further aids in improving their clinical skills.

about the RCT

All About RCT

  • Access opening, working length, BMP using hand files, Lateral Obturation techniques.
  • Rotary Endodontics
  • Reciprocating file system
  • Ultrasonic irrigation systems
  • Thermoplasticised Obturation techniques
  • Post and core
single sitting RCT

Single sitting RCT

Single sitting RCT is an upcoming Dental procedure utilizing latest technologies. It is beneficial to the patient as it can be completed in one visit using rotary files, thereby saving patients time and helps preventing complications due to delay in treatment. It is an easy procedure but requires thorough case selection.

Rotary and Reciprocating systems

Rotary & Reciprocating systems

Rotary & Reciprocating systems are the most upcoming procedures in the field of Dentistry.

Different Rotary & Reciprocating file systems-

  • Protaper
  • V-taper
  • Protaper Next
  • Hyflex CM
  • Neo-Endo
  • Wave one
  • Reciproc

Complete Dental aesthetics

AADEINDIA provides complete dental aesthetics solutions for all aesthetic needs.

  • Ceramic veneer and laminates
  • Ceramic inlays and onlays
  • Midline diastema corrections
  • Bleaching
  • Ceramic and zirconia crowns
smile designing

Smile Designing

Smile designing is an art that can be achieved by maintaining the aesthetics, occlusion harmony and function. Digital smile analysis and maintenance of the golden proportion is the key towards the success of the treatment and can be achieved by minimal clinical intervention.

Endodontics Course Outline

The programme is specially designed to improve the skills in endodontics.This programme provides complete knowledge from access to the canal to the pulp space and its therapy.

Three classes of 4 hours per week for clinical work on patients . Time and schedule can be flexible.
Alll the instruments and dental material shall be provided by the academy except airotor.

Course fees can be paid in inslallments.


Introduction to endodontics.

Access cavity preparation & orifice location

Demo & hands on access cavity on anterior teeth

Working length determination

Demo & hands on apex locators

Cleaning & shaping

Use of GG

K&H File

Step back and crown down technique (Demo and hands on extracted anterior teeth)

Single sitting rct on extracted teeth on anterior & posterior using hand files.

Lecture on rotary endodontics.

Introduction to different rotary system
  • path files
  • protaper
  • v-taper
  • protaper Nxt
  • M-two system
  • Demo & hands on extracted teeth
Lecture on obturation of anterior
  • Demo on extracted & hands on
Lecture on access preparation on posterior teeth.
  • Demo & hands on extracted teeth
Lecture on obturation of anterior.
  • Demo on extracted & hands on
Lecture on access preparation on posterior teeth.
  • Demo & hands on extracted teeth

Patient allotment single sitting Rct anterior tooth

Lecture on post and core.
  • Custom made post & core
  • Prefabricated post & core

Demonstration & hands on extracted anterior & posterior teeth for post & core.

Hands on posterior rct –upper and lower molars using rotary v-taper/ pro taper system.

Lecture on Retreatment.
  • Demo & hands on extracted

Single sitting rotary Rct on upper & lower molars on extracted.

Single sitting rct on molars using hand files on patients

Single sitting rct on molars using rotary files on patients.

Lecture on crown Preparation & placement.
  • Demo on extracted teeth for anterior & posterior

Hands on crown preparation on ant & post.

Lecture on ceramic veneers & laminates.
  • Demo and hands on- ceramic veneers (extracted teeth)

Single sitting rotary rct + crown preparation on patient.

Lecture on MTA & its uses.

Lecture on Endo mishaps & management with emphasis on perforation repair.
  • Demo & hands on extracted
Introduction to endo surgeries /periapical pathology
  • Apicoectomy
  • Hemisection
  • Bicuspidization
  • Root resorption
  • Apical curettage
  • Retrieval of separated instrument

Lecture on tooth discolouration & bleaching + demo on extracted teeth for non vital bleaching

Lecture on componeers + aesthetic case discussion

Patient for vital bleaching (POLA OFFICE)

Guest lecture by renowned Endodontist

Lecture on management of horizontal & vertical fracture

Lecture on all ceramic crown

Hands on all ceramic crowns on extracted teeth

Follow up case discussion

Queries session

Certificate distribution day and farewell


AADE India was established in response to the need for quality education in dentistry in heart of capital of India. Athough the AADE is fairly young, our achievements and passion towards providing best dental training to our graduate dental surgeons, even surpass, other dental schools that have been around. Our mission at AADE is to partner with students in achieving academic excellence, providing the best oral health care and excel at their dental practice.


For further queries you can call/whtsapp directly to our course coordinator on +91-9654188100.