AADEINDIA - Advanced Academy for Dental Courses
H-30, South Ex Part-I, New Delhi-110049

Fixed Prosthodontic Course

AADEINDIA offers advanced prosthodontics courses with emphasis on full mouth rehabilitation

Course Features & Benefits

Course emphasizes on strengthening the basic understanding of prosthodontics ranging from complete dentures to various components of FPD. AADE provides one to one focused teaching, latest technology is utilized as well as expert faculty guidance is provided. All the instruments and required materials will be provided by the academy during the course tenure.

Hands on Practice with Latest Technology

AADE provides regular hands-on practice sessions on patients. Every student has to perform under the direct guidance of the expert with all the latest technology. Students will be introduced to zirconia and ceramic and how to perform tooth preparation for metal to metal free crowns.

Supervised Clinical Practice on Patients

AADE faculty ensures that every student practices on patients under the guidance of well trained and experienced Prosthodontist. This provides confidence to the students and eventually improving their clinical skills.

Advanced FPD (Bridges) Vs Latest Implants

Bridges involves more than just the missing tooth, the adjacent teeth need to be prepared in order to fabricate the bridge. With the dental implant, the dentist replaces just the individual tooth for a result that is stronger and permanent.

Difference between Ceramic and Zirconia

Ceramic can’t match zirconia in terms of strength, durability, longevitiy, appearance and patient comfort. Zirconia restoration has 200%higher bending strength than porcelain products.

Different types of crowns and tooth preparations

Anterior complete crown for vital teeth

    Ceramic crown Metal ceramic Other type of crown

Anterior crown for root filled teeth (non vital)

  • Composite core and crown
  • Post and core and separate crown
  • One piece posterior crown
  • Posterior complete crowns
  • Cast metal crown
  • Metal ceramic crown
  • Ceramic crown

Posterior partial crown

  • 3 quarter crown
  • Seven eighth crown

Various Impression Techniques

Stock tray technique (putty wash technique )

  • -Double mix
  • -Single mix

Custom tray technique –single mix

Closed bite double arch technique

Copper band technique (tube method)

Clinical Protocols in FPD

  • Ideal preparation for anterio,posterior,bridge and all ceramic crowns
  • Impression material-choosing the right one
  • Various technique for making an impression
  • Color and aesthetics(shade selection)
  • Laboratory protocols for successful fabrication
  • Occlusion adjustments
  • Luting material and technique


AADE India was established in response to the need for quality education in dentistry in heart of capital of India. Athough the AADE is fairly young, our achievements and passion towards providing best dental training to our graduate dental surgeons, even surpass, other dental schools that have been around. Our mission at AADE is to partner with students in achieving academic excellence, providing the best oral health care and excel at their dental practice.


For further queries you can call/whtsapp directly to our course coordinator on +91-9654188100.